Saturday, April 21, 2018

Black Pearl Origins

I don't write here very much anymore. I find my words inessential, even detracting. But I thought I would put a few words here for anyone visiting for the first time or in case anyone might be curious.
I chose to post this drawing because I find it interesting when I stumble upon the creative origins of illustrations or projects I am working on now. This is a pencil drawing I did about 10 years ago. It is based on a character I encountered in a dream, at the dead end of a very dark hallway. The mood of the dream wasn't scary at all, despite the baleful glare of the figure. That's just how he looks. My current "Black Pearl Cycle" , a couple of pieces of which are below, will be a tableaux of inhabitants from the otherly world/zone/dimension known only as The Black Pearl. It is a holy tenement, a secular refuge, a haven for all that is uncanny and phenomenal. All of the pieces in the cycle will stylistically echo the above drawing's (attempted) aesthetic of grainy, overexposed  portraits with dark, organic-industrial settings or backgrounds. The settings are a recurring dream theme; the residents I have all met or seen in dreams throughout the past few years.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Quartz Hill

 I had a dream of a grassy knoll curled upon itself like a cresting wave, with a massive quartz crystal growing out of it. I woke up and sketched the image immediately, which varies little from the final piece; later that very day after the dream, I found a piece of river quartz that became the model for the one in the drawing.