Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Aviary

This is an older drawing, and one of my first larger works (16x20"). My drive and attention to detail had already manifested, but my skill and technique had yet to develop. The most interesting thing about this drawing is its story:

I had a lovely, vivid dream of this locale and its exotic florafauna, and knew it must be rendered. 2 years after finishing this drawing, I took my first vacation to San Francisco. On a whim I visited the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, which I had never seen and knew next to nothing about. When I arrived, I was moved not only by its beauty, but by its profound resemblance to my drawing. I read the informative plaques outside and learned that it was built on drained swampland; my palace, as seen, also sits in swamp. I sat on a bench and took in the wonder of the coincidence. I humorously thought to myself, "If only my flowery birds were here, it would be perfect..." At that very moment, a large waterfowl of some type approached from behind my bench, and stood staring at me. I later learned that the birds were indigenous to the floodplain region the Palace sits on.

Coincidence? Premonition? Who can say?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Black Pearl Origins

I don't write here very much anymore. I find my words inessential, even detracting. But I thought I would put a few words here for anyone visiting for the first time or in case anyone might be curious.
I chose to post this drawing because I find it interesting when I stumble upon the creative origins of illustrations or projects I am working on now. This is a pencil drawing I did about 10 years ago. It is based on a character I encountered in a dream, at the dead end of a very dark hallway. The mood of the dream wasn't scary at all, despite the baleful glare of the figure. That's just how he looks. My current "Black Pearl Cycle" , a couple of pieces of which are below, will be a tableaux of inhabitants from the otherly world/zone/dimension known only as The Black Pearl. It is a holy tenement, a secular refuge, a haven for all that is uncanny and phenomenal. All of the pieces in the cycle will stylistically echo the above drawing's (attempted) aesthetic of grainy, overexposed  portraits with dark, organic-industrial settings or backgrounds. The settings are a recurring dream theme; the residents I have all met or seen in dreams throughout the past few years.